2016 Waiuku Finn Masters

Fellow Finnsters

Thanks to those for making the effort to sail the CRC Masters. 13 Finns made for some exciting racing. All 8 races sailed in some tricky conditions, but the cream still came to the top.

Karl sailing Secretary Rays boat won the regatta from Ian and Dirch with Dave, Mark and nzl23 keeping them honest.

Wow Ian can sail the old Mark 3 Marten. Taking a gun and lots of top placings. Great to see that the older boats are still very competitive.

Also Justin using an Andrew Murdoch “Wilke and sail combo” in his Marten, had some top placings.

Dirch had a strong regatta winning the GM and 3rd overall even after attempting a sail change between races and missing the next start, plus not returning for a premature start in the last race. Dirch you can’t be closer to the top mark than the starting line before the start gun.  Your boat is quick enough to start with the rest of the fleet. No doubt we will hear why these decisions were made.

Graham Lambert sailed the beautiful wooden Elder hull that he purchased off Trademe. The boat had plenty of speed and looked superb on the water.

Illia is sailing his best with good speed and results. Just needs to polish up on some of the rules and try not to play bumper boats on the start line. One new trick that he showed us. To get the perfect boat start you get there early and hang onto the committee boat, then when the gun goes push yourself forward. Yep, will wait for a reply on this one.

The debriefs were a relaxing affair. Food, beers and lots of Finn debating and for those that slept over wow the sunsets, amazing.

To OOD Bruce Morris and his team and WYC for running the CRC regatta, a big thanks to you all  from the fleet. Another hassle free CRC Masters.

To the Ladies supplying the food and looking after the club, many hugs. I went down Monday to have a clean up and ran into Pam Phillips just locking the door. She had the WYC looking like new. What would we do without members like these who appreciate the club and conditions it should be left in. These ladies are the real gold medal winners.

CRC MASTERS RESULTS 2016.  M. Over 35 (Master).    GM. Over 50 (Grand Master).    GGM. Over 60 (Great Grand Master).    L. Over 70 (Legend).



NameSail no.Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8TotalNettPlace 
Karl Purdie (M)1113142211115111
Ian Baker2321351464226202
Dirch Andersen (GM)224914132(14 OCS)38243
David Hoogenboom102273843433254
Mark Perrow46626727541345
Alan Dawson (GGM)235567685345376
Justin Hurst230773113591156457
Illia Ovsiika179495598756478
Gerrit Bearda19388810107101071619
Gerard Lelieveld18(14 DNC)(14 DNC)(14 DNC)991066826810
Geoff Letcher2441010108(14 DNS)12129857111
Jim Goodaire27(14 DNC)(14 DNC)(14 DNC)(14 DNC)(14 DNC)111181008612
Graham Lambert56(14 DNC)(14 DNC)(14 DNC)12111313121038913

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