2014-15 Auckland Champs Takapuna 21-22 Mar 2015

Hi Fellow Finnsters.

The Selection Trials are all over with 15 Finns sailing the Auckland Champs off Takapuna. A good competitive fleet sailed in 15 knots Sat and 8 plus on Sunday. N/E 15 knots saw some entertaining launchings on Sat. No more exhausting than my effort. Trying to secure a Devoti rudder to the boat is hit and miss on a good day, but into a 1m break on the beach is damn near impossible without help. Somehow I was last to leave the beach. The first effort saw me bold by a metre wave as the boat ran me over, Thus losing my hat and glasses and the boat 20 meters down the beach. Ok I’ve got the boat righted, now to fit the rudder. Rudder, what rudder, it’s doing the perfect body shoot to the beach. A quick sprint saw me retrieve the rudder. Now get back to the boat, damn boat is lying on its side again. Ten more goes at trying to fit the rudder. I felt like ringing Luca to see why the F..k the bottom gudgeon isn’t 20mm longer. Actually no need to ring him he should have heard me by now. Finally help arrived from one of the many onlookers. 5 more goes and rudder is on, now jump in the boat and try to make the first race start time. Bugger no more energy left to hop in. My helper gave me a leg up and away we went. No hat, no glass, cramp in both arms and f..ked. I went on to enjoy the days sailing.

One ritual that was over looked by one of the more mature sailors, “Opa” is that, if you get to the top mark first you have the privilege to stand up and salute the rest of the fleet with a “take that you B@#$%^d’s”. A good first beat Dave. Makes you feel that all your gear is the best, before getting run over down wind.

Congratulations to Andrew Murdoch on his win and also those that pushed him hard through the regatta. A well sailed second to Matt Coutts who also won the Craig Monk Trophy for best overall results for the season’s regattas. Third to Nik Burfoot who has improved every regatta. A pity he can’t represent NZ at the Gold Cup. The results will be on the web site.

Retrieving the boats up the ramp was hard work, but all hands on deck from the sailors made the job easier. A well run regatta by Ralph and Taka members. A bonus was the bar prices were very reasonable.

The Takapuna reserve still had its entertaining moments. I was watching a couple of ladies holding on to one another thinking one were hurt. Wow, next thing full on mouth to mouth and hands in all directions. Maybe too much sun or something in the air maybe. Free entertainment.

Dirch had his light board stolen while we were on the water. I waited at the top of the road to follow him home but nowhere to be seen. Hope you made it home all right.

Any Finnsters that are keen to do the Finn Masters at Waiuku, Easter Fri <> Sun you are most welcome. You will enjoy the regatta. Drop me an email or look at the Waiuku Yacht Club web site for more info. This is the regattas 29th year.

Finally the NZ Team for the Gold Cup is out, Congratulations to those that made it. Enjoy the moment.




PlaceNameSail No123456TotalNett
1Andrew MurdochNZL16-11111165
2Matt CouttsNZL122-52321611
3Nik BurfootNZL21-5433232015
4Karl PurdieNZL1113-544442419
5Ray HallNZL2-8767563931
6Brad DouglasNZL78678-1354532
7Rob CouttsNZL97-885874335
8Denis MowbrayNZL19-12998785139
9Rafa TrujilloESP100432(16DNS)16DNS16DNS5741
10David HoogenboomNZL10-10101096105545
11Dirch AndersenNZL22912-14109116551
12Mike PearsonNZL265-111111111096352
13Gerard LelieveldNZL8813-14131412127864
14Alan DawsonNZL23-1413121314137965
15Illia OvsiikoNZL17-1515151211148267

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