2014-15 Waiuku Summer Series Weekend 4-5 Jan 2014

Finn Flash

Wow what a weekend of sailing. 5 races with Josh Junior and a fleet of 10 boats. A warm welcome to Josh and Karl Purdie to Waiuku sailing.

Sat saw us sail 3 races in 10<>15 knots with Josh taking 3 guns, but the sailing was close and exciting. Karl, Ray, Dave, Dirch, Me, Gerrit, John, Jim and Kevin all fought hard for the other places. The sailing was intense and enjoyable.

Thanks to Stoney for a great BBQ on Sat. Top steaks and a feed of white bait. Hard to beat. A feed we would need for the Sun conditions.


With huge tides and winds gusting 30<>35 from the NNW the Waiuku sailing area looked a real challenge from the shore. 6 of the boys decided to have a go and the rest manned the rescue boat.

Launching was a real problem with 1 metre waves and the damn Devoti rudder set up made it bloody hard work getting out there.

Once under way the sailing and reaches were extreme and thrilling.

Karl came ashore after checking the conditions out just to protect his gear, but man did Josh, Dave, Ray, Me and Stoney have a ball. Yeap you read it right Kevin Stone sailed two damn good races in the big breeze and big waves. Well sailed Kev, good training for the nats, he was heard saying afterwards.

Two more wins to JJ with Dave, Ray, Stoney and Me sharing the other placings.

There’s not many times we have raced and de-rigged and are sitting at the debriefing while the tide is still half way up the ramp. Extreme conditions, great sailing and cold beer, beautiful.

Josh and Andrew have been working hard on their Finn sailing, and talking to Josh about what they are up to was very interesting. One main strength I feel that will work well for them is how humble they are and how well they are working as a team. Go NZL.

So after having a compulsory Monday off work to recover I had time to check the sailing calendar. Wow the Hartley 16 nats at Manukau 17, 18, 19 Jan. Dirch and I will represent WYC sailing “Blue Nose #22” but he needs to lose a few kilos before then.



PlaceNameSail No12345Points
1Josh JuniorNZL24111115
2David HoogenboomNZL104332214
3Ray HallNZL22444317
4Alan DawsonNZL236663425
5Karl PurdieNZL11132211(DNF)11(DNC)29
6Dirch AndersonNZL2255511(DNC)11(DNC)37
7Kevin StoneNZL23591095538
8Jim GoodaireNZL22779811(DNC)11(DNC)46
9John DuffNZL55108711(DNC)11(DNC)47
10Gerrit BeardaNZL1938711(DNF)11(DNC)11(DNC)48

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