2012-13 Finn Masters Waiuku 29-31 March 2013

Thanks to the fellow Finnsters who supported the 2013 CRC Finn Masters. A little down on previous numbers, but the same outcome, a damn good hotly contested regatta. NZL 13 joining the fleet to make up a total of 13 Finns entered

Thanks to the regatta sponsors CRC and Doyles. The best prize table of any regatta I have seen all year. Everyone a winner.

Thanks to OOD Kevin McGee and his helpers for running a hassle free regatta. Good courses and smiling faces. To Shana and Rosel, thanks for the kitchen duties, and feeding the team. To Stoney and Duffy for the Sat night BBQ. Great feed.

The sailing saw a win to Ray Hall. A very consistent regatta with good all-round speed. 2nd place to the slippery, slimy, sly, smooth, sailor Dirch Andersen. Dirch is slowly getting the ex Dan Slater Finn firing on all cylinders, and finished with some good results. 3rd place went to Mark Perrow who added another good result to the Finn series this year. Mark once again pipped Dave Hoogenboom by one place. Dave trying to bet his old boat is becoming a real talking point. Hang in there Dave, the day will come. NZL23 finished 5th but for me it was the closeness of the sailing right though the fleet which was my highlight.

Justin Hurst, Geoff Letcher, Kevin Stone, Gerrit Bearda, John Duff, Jim Goodare, Peter Helps and the new apprentice winner Elliot Hurst all sailed competitively with some good finishes and moments though the regatta.

Ray, Dave, Carl, Josh, Matt, Ben, Andrew, Denise and Maurice are all heading overseas to compete in the Europe regattas. All the best for fare winds from the NZ Finn fleet.

1RAY H2511131311613
2DIRCH A22423244122218
3MARK P83145412452621
4DAVID H10792323233122
5ALAN D23254555543530
6JUSTIN H.83861096765545
7GERRIT B1938118768886453
8JIM G2271031068711106554
9KEVIN S235671111712696957
10JOHN D551169910101077261
11GEOFF L244910781199117463
12ELLIOT H1312121212121112129583
13PETER H241131313131313131310491

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