2012-13 Waiuku Finn Flash 6 Nov 2012

Hi Fellow Finnsters

A great turn out of new and old faces at the North Island Finn champs sailed at a Thames. 14 Finns in the car park, 13 sailing. A big thanks and hug to Commodore Sarah for an entertaining weekend on and off the water. Also to her faithful members and helpers on running a great regatta in testing conditions.

To the, yes I will be the OOD if you can’t find someone else, Kevin McGee. Many thanks from the Finn fleet. You have helped out the Finn class on many occasions now and have always done a bloody good job. Also to non sailing Finnsters Peter H and Jimmy G thanks for turning up and helping out.

Big seas and big winds on Saturday saw a few retirements, but also some high powered racing.

After 3 races on Sat Josh Junior went for a training sail to the Barrier and back. On his return he entered the firth of Thames with 2m waves and an outgoing tide to contend with. Once ashore you couldn’t stop him from smiling. The fastest I’ve ever been in the Finn, 20 knots man 20 knots man, awesome –awesome. This had a few of the older brigade reminiscing about their youth and sailing adventures in The Finn.

Nzl220 turned up for a sail and to introduce himself to the boys. Peter Horton is my name, just come up from Cambridge for a sail with you lot and to see what you lads get up to. Well that was it, another pom in the class. Peter and Matt B sat down at Saturdays night’s drinks and finger food and had a good old Pommy chat. Next morning Peter looked like shit. Eyes like piss holes in the snow.

Mind you Friday night was a biggie as well for some. Matt pulls out a 40 of rum back at the club after we had a nice meal at the local Workingmen’s club. One 40 is never a problem, but when Karl P pulls out another from under his pillow things are starting to hot up. Most of the nights entertainment was Dave H telling us how many years he’s been Finn sailing. Do you know guys 25 years, 25 years did you know that, 25 years. Yes Dave you told us that 10 times 5 minutes ago. Many stories and laughter till 2.30am. Wow bed time.

Tricky launching and retrieving of the boats , but some damn good sailing. Josh J, Karl P, Dave H, Sec Ray H and Mark P kept each other honest around the track. Just chasing them were Royce H, Dirch A, Alan D, Gerrit B, John D, Matt B, Peter H and Sarah D. This is close to the finishing order, but check the web site for results and photos. Congratulations to Josh for a fine, well sailed and a deserved holder of a pretty impressive trophy.

Best capsize to Dirch, boat sailed better without him. Ray had a beauty, and on retrieving his hat, guess what. He caught a baby mullet. And Peter Horton had a few swims. He started off sailing with what looked like a Dacron sail, but came back with something resembling a Tecnora. That much dam mud. Once again thanks Thames and see you next year.

Well 2 weeks till Turangi. Those that have sailed there say it’s a bomb, so I’m in. Let, “did you know I’ve been sailing Finns for 25 years!!” Dave H know your intensions as he’s organising some reasonable accommodation.

Auckland champs is all go at the Manukau Yacht Club. Check the web site for a NOR and dates, book some time out and join your Finn class mates.

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