2012-13 Waiuku Finn Flash 29 Oct 2012

Only 6 Finns at our 1st champs race. Lots of school gala days, and the first decent family weekend for a while. So 2champ races and a 3rd sprit race.

A right hand track was the way to go in race one, so I went left. Mark P and Royce jumped to a handy lead and never caught. Mark, Royce, Dave H, ssss Dirch, Gerrit and me.

2nd race so ssss Dirch launch his, ex Dan Slater Devoti, of the line and was gone. Dave calls his boat 2 dot, well I have a name for Dirchs, “A Dot in the distance” With his c tech and new sail these conditions really suited him. Up and down he was quick. Dave sailed to a good 2nd with Gerrit ,me, Mark and Royce. Well sailed Gerrit. Good speed in both races.

Mark and Royce had an enjoyable final run to the finish, chatting away. The conversation went something like this. Up up up now, overlapped, port ,starboard, room to move ,proper course, windward boat. Man I learnt so much. But if that’s what close racing does, let’s have more of it.

3rd sprint race so Dirch clear out again, so he ;s pretty happy with his purchase from Dan, although I thought only one gudgeon pin on the rudder is a bit extreme for getting the weight down. North Islands this weekend. Need a good turn out as the Wellington boys are coming up. I will be there Friday arvo.



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