2012-13 Waiuku Finn Flash 1 Oct 2012

Hi fellow Finnsters.

A good turnout of boats, 11 over the weekend. Rumours’ tell me that nzl 169 will soon bless the Waiuku waters. So now with the Newport, the wooden Finn and nzl 169, 3 more Finns join the thing to do. FINN SAILING. When all the boys front this will become the biggest gathering of Finns for a while.

Mark P sailed the Newport which Peter Helps now owns. If not for a unfavourable knock just short of the finish the old girl would have taken 2 Devoti scalps. I know Helpsy pretty well, so god dammed pleased I have the bragging rights for now, with Ray wining and nzl23 2nd.

Ray will do a racing report, but I spotted a few things we should share.

John Duff had a sail repair done by Roger H ” Doyles” On hoisting the sail Saturday, Roger had made sooo many mods to it you could use it as a Keeller headsail, in fact it was. Apparently a bagging mistake.

What a great family man Royce is. To go home early, when the weather was that nice for sailing, and spend time with the family. That’s what I call dedication. Rumours were that the fickle winds didn’t go his way, which can be frustrating at times. Just ask Dave H about that a few years ago at Thames. Missed you at the debrief, especially when the class dummy was found in the fridge. See you next time Royce. Regards your sailing mates.

Secretary Ray H sailed well with 3 guns and a 2nd???, Yes a 2nd . I won’t elaborate on this it should be covered in the sailing report.

Some good results from Stoney on Sat and Duffy, Gerrit, Butch and Royce showing real speed at times. The ssss { slow } Dirch. What happened. His conditions, great looking rig . Bad results. The Devoti is rumoured to be closer by the day.

A 2 week break then the WYC open day, then the Wellington champs.

Still to hear if Dave H has turned golf pro yet. My pick is he will be back sailing with the boys. Can’t wait for a reply from the outcome, or any Finn flash news, which is open to any one.

Many thanks to Kevin, Peter H, Margret and Shana for the running of the club and racing. And my little mate Tane Mahuta.


NZL 23

1Ray Hall11125
2Alan Dawson22217
3Brian Saunderson475319
4Gerrit Bearda744722
5John Duff5911429
6Dirch Anderson6610830
7Matt Butterfield9571031
8Kevin Stone33DNSDNS32
9Mark PerrowDNSDNS3534
10Royce Hawkins886DNS35
11Jim GoodareDNSDNS9641
12Justin HurstDNSDNS8943

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