2012-13 South Island Finn Flash 29 Oct 2012

Only one Finn out last Saturday and that was me! It was the first outing for my new boat so I was pretty keen to get the Devoti on the water after being away traveling the last few weeks. Conditions were perfect and a far cry from a number of the previous weekends which had been cancelled due to high winds and rain.

After fiddling around with the set up for an hour or so and wondering how the inhaul and downhaul could work on such short sheets I was ready to hit the water. I had not planned on a problem with the halyard lock and ended up tipping the boat on the trailer to try and see what the issue was. A great start for a new boat! Of course after rolling the boat over the halyard dropped into place. Hope it does not have to be that way each time!

On the water the boat felt a lot different to old Abbott NZL245 particularly down wind where there seemed to be a big difference to the feel and speed. Let’s get some more boats out so I can see if that is the case.

It was good to see Josh at Naval Point schooling a number of the laser skippers. I wonder if they will fly him down to do a Finn clinic?

I am looking forward to seeing a few more boats on the water this week end.

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